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Neon Vokal arranges and writes several of the well-known and beloved pieces the ensemble sings. Here is a list of works with an overview of some of these: 

The Roland squad - Medieval ballad/arr: I. Danbolt/Neon Vocal

Did you see anything my old lady?- Norwegian folk tone, arr: I. Danbolt/Neon Vocal

I often think about my wedding day- Norwegian folk tone, arr: I. Danbolt/Neon Vokal 

God bless our dear fatherland- Comp: F. Weyse/arr: I. Danbolt 

Soajit, joik- E. Andreassen, scar: IC Finstad

The First Noel - French trad., arr: IC Finstad

The road- org. Owned by Renate Ørnes

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